Nota Lepidopterologica

Nota lepidopterologica

Nota lepidopterologica is a journal with focus on Palaearctic Lepidoptera and general lepidopterology.
It is published by Pensoft on behalf of the Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica.
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Maria Heikkilä, e-mail:
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Editorial Board

Sven Erlacher, Thomas Fartmann, Zdenek F. Fric, Axel Hausmann, Lauri Kaila, Ole Karsholt, Bernard Landry, Carlos Lopez Vaamonde, Vazrick Nazari, Erik J. van Nieukerken, Matthias Nuss, Jadranka Rota, Thomas Schmitt, Roger Vila, and Alberto Zilli.

Nota is an Open Access journal.

SEL members are entitled to publish in Nota for free. Non-members pay a publication charge. Please note that Nota is now published by Pensoft and we no longer accept submissions by email. You can submit an article for publication via your Pensoft account. If you do not have an account with Pensoft you can register for one.

Further actions:

The Biodiversity heritage Library has started scanning the older volumes of Nota, and many are already available online.